Samsung Cash Register Price List Generator

Version 2.0


Developed by António Rodrigues

1         Introduction

This program is developed in Excel macros to generate automatically the price list of the products configured in the Samsung ER5100, ER5115 and ER5140.

This program uses the standard Samsung connect program to retrieve the information from the Samsung machine (also in the package installDir/ER5100). That information is taken from the machine and manipulated with the program to generate automatically the price list of the store.


The user can see the standard price list report in the first page of this document. The user can change this report format as needed, the report giving can be used has a template to construct your own reports.


This document gives all the information the Operator needs to configure and use the program in their environment.


Before explain in detail the application functionality is presented in the chapter 2 one Use Case where the reader can understand for what this program is design and developed.

2         Use Case

How many times the store owner change one price of one product and must change a lot of price lists to the public. Almost of the times this implies lot of work to rewrite again the list and replace it.

Now with this application, after the prices are changed in the Samsung Cash Register can have new price lists printed in two (2) minutes.


The user changes the prices in the Samsung Cash Register (ER5100), this can be done manually in the machine or with Samsung ER-51 Series PC Interface Utility department machine download. After that, use the Samsung ER-51 Series PC Interface Utility to upload the department program to the computer, click in two buttons in the excel sheet and the report is ready to print and distribute again.

3         Installation

The installation is very easy and fast.

Just run the “PriceList.exe” setup application and follow the screen instructions.

The package sent has two applications:

The first is the standard Samsung communication program to connect the Cash Register to the PC. Just run the “5100.exe” file to install it. If your computer do not have in the windows/system32/ directory the file expsrv.dll copy to that directory the file given in the package.

To install the Price List application copy all the files and directories installed by the “PriceList.exe” (you do not need to copy the ER5100 directory) to the same directory of the Samsung ER-51 Series PC Interface Utility installation directory (by default C:\Program Files\51XX).

This application needs also to have the Java Runtime Environment installed (JRE), if your machine does not have the Java installed go to and download and install the most recent JRE available (very easy, just follow the screen instructions).

To start faster the application you can create one shortcut of the excel sheet in your desktop.

4         Configuration

There is only one parameter to configure, the customer. In the Sheet “WordReplaceConfig” row “E1” the user must configure the customer created in the Samsung ER-51 Series PC Interface Utility. The Samsung ER-51 Series PC Interface Utility can have more than one customer. The customer configured here is the customer information that is retrieved from the Samsung ER-51 Series PC Interface Utility.

Figure 1 – Customer Configuration

The Samsung Cash Register have few characters to the description of the products and in the price list almost of the times we need more accurate information. To improve the quality of the description presented in the price list the application gives the opportunity to the operator to define some automatically replacements to the descriptions. The operator defines in the first column the string pattern to find and replace with the string in second column (sheet: “WordReplaceConfig” rows: “A1:A100” e “B1:B100”). For example: to replace C/H with Cheese / Ham put in first column “C/H “ and in second  “Cheese / Ham “.

Figure 2 – Replacement patterns


5         User Manual

5.1      Configure Prices

The Samsung ER-51 Series PC Interface Utility can be used to configure prices. Do the following steps to implement that configuration:

  1. Start the 51xx.exe;
  2. Create the customer or put the customer already used in the past;
  3. Upload the department prices (if your create one new customer or you do not have already upload that information). To do that go to: UP -> Program UP -> Department;
  4. Change the prices as needed. To do that go to: Program -> Department;
  5. Download the department prices to the machine. To do that go to: Down -> Department.

Figure 3 – Program Department Up

Figure 4 – Department Price Configuration

Figure 5 – Department Program Download to the Machine

5.2      Generate the Price List

To generate the price list the operator need to do the following steps:

  1. If you configure the prices from the Samsung ER-51 Series PC Interface Utility you can go directly to the step 5;
  2. Start the 51xx.exe;
  3. Open the customer desired;
  4. Upload the department prices. To do that go to: UP -> Program UP -> Department;
  5. Open the PriceList.xls file (or PrecarioGlobal in Portuguese);
  6. In the sheet “AuxSheet” click the button “getPrice”;
  7. In the sheet “AuxSheet” click the button “Convert”;
  8. Print and distribute the Price List reports.

Figure 6 – GetPrice and Convert Buttons