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Skype Price Calculator (Free Software)

Version 4.0

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1    Introduction

This program is developed to calculate the charge amount to the internet and telephone Skype service usage. It is design to little shops that want to upgrade the conventional coin telephone service to the new IP services like Internet and VoIP phone (Skype protocol).

You can get the manual that gives all the information the Operator needs to configure and use the program in their environment.

In the next chapter, I give one Use Case where the reader can understand for what this application is design and developed.

2         Use Case

In this chapter is described one possible environment to use the Skype Price Calculator. In this Use Case we use one coffee shop that have two client access areas: Coffe, cake and other suites area; and internet and telephone access.

Figura 1 Coffee Use Case

In this manual the term Operator is used to denominate the person who operates with the application, in other words, the person who charges the client and controls the client access.

In this Use Case the technical infra-structure used are:

Figura 2 Technical Infra-structure

The only mandatory aspects of this configuration are:

The Skype handy phone is very good to have because is much more user friendly to speak to the phone instead use the laptop microphone and sound system.

The tested phone was Cyberphone K.

Figure 1 Cyberphone K

3         Download the software

If you want to use the software please do the following steps:

  1. Download the Software in (you can only make download of the manual):;
  2. Install the product;
  3. Note: If you do not have JRE - Java Runtime Environment installed (to test make "java -version" in cmd DOS windows), install the lasted available JRE from ;
  4. Generate the license - Free License (Run LicGenerate.exe in installation directory).
  5. In case of doubts or problems contact: (

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